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EPIC is an Insurance Broker.  EPIC is based at the centre of financial activity in modern Nigeria Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria in the midst of the greatest concentration of Insurance expertise in Africa.  Our clients rely on our expertise to find the most secure, comprehensive and imaginative insurance protection available.  

These clients include industrialists, merchants, entrepreneurs in every form of economic activity and government Parastatals. Our clients are usually experts in their own form of business; they expect and find from us similar expertise in ours.


To protect the need and peace of mind of our client through the provision of qualitative insurance and risk management services

• Integrity
• Excellence
• Empathy
• Humility
• Discipline




EPIC finds the best way for them to achieve their objectives, protection against the financial effect of risks.

We, at EPIC rely entirely on our people for our reputation; there is a strong drive for innovation.

We fully understand that confidence is earned; therefore we go about the business with:

  • Absolute integrity

  • High standards of business conduct and

  • Skilled professional service.


EPIC was incorporated as required by Nigeria Law as a Limited Liability Company in February 2006 and Licensed under the Insurance Decree 1976 by the Federal Ministry of Finance, Department of Insurance to practice as Insurance Brokers and Consultants.

EPIC key executive have a combined experience in excess of 10 years in business ranging from Insurance underwriting, Insurance Broking, Engineering, Marine, Law and Risk management to all sectors including Life and Pension Scheme.

Aims and Objective

  • Maintain and develop a portfolio of business of the highest quality.

  • Understand our clients, their business, their peculiar problems and their needs in order to represent these correctly to underwriters at home and abroad.

  • Negotiate settlement of claims promptly and efficiently to cause minimum inconveniences to our clients and reduce disruption to their businesses.

  • Provide support services of the highest order dedicated to the prompt and efficient handling of policies, documents and money.

  • Audit your existing insurance policies and recommend additional insurance policies in order to ensure that you have maximum cover at minimum cost.

  • Maintain and easily accessible position with all clients and insurance markets using the highest stand communication.

  • Training, Retraining and enlightenment programme to sensitize all sectors and public of the need for protection against risks and the unknown. 


  • Risk identification is our business.

  • Risk is inescapable part of life.

  • The forces around us create risk. It is present in nature. Risk is at the very bear of every human activity from science to polities; from entertainment to finance.

  • Individuals, companies, corporations, institutions and nations alike create risk and are subject to risk.

  • The business of Epic is to protect from risk, to minimize the overall effect of these risks.

  • The Epic is to help you identify, anticipate, evaluate and reduce risk.

  • The vision of Epic is to be responsive, proactive and proven integrity.

  • Epic will arrange protection for you against risk.

  • In summary, we are Insurance brokers. 


Our clients cut across various fields to business operations; these include the Oil and Gas sectors, Finance sector, Government parastatals, Construction, Telecommunication and manufacturing industries, thus the area of operations of your organization is well within the scope of our working experience.
The ranges of services we render include the following:-

  • We advise our clients and arrange Insurance covers in line with their individual or corporate needs.

  • We engage in Fire and Post Insurance survey towards loss prevention or loss minimization.

  • We assist in processing your Insurance claim to ensure an early settlement.

  • We review your current Insurance portfolio to determine the adequacy or relevance to your present circumstances.

  • Risk Management Services.

  • Staff training and recruitment of Insurance Personnel for our clients.

  • Our understanding of the Insurance market in Nigeria and abroad puts us in a comfortable position to arrange covers in all fields of human endeavor.

Our unique selling points are inclusive of but not limited to the following.

         Development of latest Information Technology to derive service delivery.

         Innovative and flexible Approach to Business.

         Risk Management Service.


As risk managers, we keep ourselves abreast of the dynamic economic environment and advise you on how best to protect your assets against inflation and other intervening hazards in areas of Property damage, Business interruption, Health & Safety and Legal Liability. This essentially involves studying your operations at various levels, identifying your exposure, analyzing and determining the cost of risk transfer or alternative cost security and other considerations. All these are to ensure and cost saving at the same time.
Furthermore, the essence of insurance is to ensure that losses are equitable and promptly settled. With our years of experience with insurers, Loss Adjusters and Insurance Surveyors, we are confident that your assets and liabilities to third parties will be safe in our hands. In order to make our task easier, you may have to take the benefit of professional advice and comply with procedures proceedings claims settlement.
Having regard to the nature of your establishment’s operations, we have the pleasure in presenting for your consideration the types of insurance covers that will be both beneficial and adequate to your organization. These include the following:-


(1)       Marine Insurance

-           Hull

-           Cargo

-           Transit Risks, War, Strike and Riot


(2)       Oil and Gas Insurance

-           Drilling Units

-           Erection Risks, Platforms, Pipeline and Liability Risks

-           On-shore facilities:- Refinery & Petrochemical Plants, Tank, Farms, Terminals

-           Off-shore facilities:- Mooring and Loading Buoys etc

-           Transit conveyances.

(3)       Aviation Insurance

-           Hull

-           Cargo

-           Engine Breakdown

-           Deductible Policies

-           Crew Liability

-           Group Personal Accident

-           War and Allied Perils etc

-           Third Party Liability 


(4)       Fire and Special Perils Insurance

-           Office and Residential Risks

-           Industrial and Warehouse Risks

-           Flood and other natural Disaster extensions etc.


(5)       Engineering Insurance

-           Contractors All Risks

-           Erection All Risks

-           Machinery Insurance

-           Electronic Equipment (Computers) Brokers

-           Pre Insurance Survey


(6)       Bonds

-           Performance Bonds

-           Advance payment bonds

-           Supply Bonds

-           Custom Bonds

-           Credit Bond (Financial Guarantee)

(7)       Burglary Insurance

-           Office and Residential

-           Industrial and Warehouse Risks


(8)       Pecuniary Insurance

-           Money Insurance 

-           Money in Transit

-           Consequential Loss

-           Fidelity Guarantee


(9)       Liability & Contingency Insurance

-           Professional Indemnity

-           Public Liability

-           Products Liability


(10)     Other Accident Insurance

-           Group Personal Accident

-           Workmen’s Compensation

-           Transit Covers (By Road, Air & Sea)

-           Road haulage (e.g Fuel Tankers)

-           General Goods in Transit

-           All Risks Cover

-           Medical Expenses cover.


(11)     Motor Insurance

-           Private Vehicles

-           Commercial Vehicles

-           Agricultural Vehicles

-           Other Special vehicles



-           Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme 

-           Group life Assurance Scheme

-           Group Welfare Insurance Scheme



  • Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC)

  • Federal Civil Service (Head of Service)

  • Dover Engineering Ltd

  • Petro-Base Oil Servicing Company

  • Today’s Publishing Company.

  • Melsmore Marine Nigeria Ltd 

  • Bachemas Agencies Nigeria Ltd

  • Federal Road Safety  Cooperation

  • Spikenard  Partners

  • Cossel Engineering Ltd

  • Multitek Data System Ltd

Our service to clients is comprehensive, responsive and proactive; it is also personal and professional.

EPIC is committed to excellence, continuity and innovation in the management of risk. Given the opportunity, EPIC shall bring this efficiency into the management of your insurance portfolio.

Should you require additional information about EPIC please do not hesitate to contact:

The Managing Director / CEO
EPIC Insurance Brokers Ltd
26 Mbonu Street, D/Line
Port Harcourt.
Tel: 08033166535,   08075022858 



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