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Project Brief  

The Nigeria Business Online Project aka "Obusiness" is Nigeria’s online business  platform. 

The Nigeria Business Online Project aka  “Obusiness” is powered by  Syswaves Integrated Services Limited. The  Project consists mainly of a web platform directed at appropriately marketing the Nigerian Businesses to the world; exposing the business potentials in Nigeria and providing the world a one-stop direct access into the Nigerian Businesses world both within and Outside Nigeria.

To expose the potentials of genuine businesses in Nigeria globally, by providing vital information about these businesses on the Internet;  thereby repositioning such businesses  for global recognition and patronage.


Largest and biggest Information resource point for Nigerian Businesses on the Internet


The “Obusiness” project has a three fold target

  • The Nigerian Business Sector- Introducing the Nigerian Business environment, companies, products, services, capabilities to the entire world. 

  • Providing a Fair play ground for Nigerian Businesses: The “Obusiness” project is providing a fair and open playground for Nigerian Businesses. It’s a one stop Global Cyber market where they can compete openly globally. 

  • Service Consumers- Providing a one stop products and service information center where consumers all over the world can readily find all the products, services and other basic information available in Nigeria.


Other general purpose information such as news, entertainment, Nigerian Home videos, sports, social events, tourism, etc is available to further make the site more versatile, all encompassing and visitor friendly.

A key competitive advantage is the implementation of an innovative user-centric approach to the provision of these services on the web site. The project is designed and structured to build an image of continuous growth, expansion and improvement.

Since the Internet is a dynamic fast growing world of its own, we have a strategy of futuristic improvements and additions to make the project well positioned with enough flexibility to adapt to changes quickly.


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