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Nigeria's Business Web Portal

Nigeria's Business Web Portal

Promoting brands, ideas and creating opportunities .

About Nigeria Business Online Project

Nigeria Business Online (NBO) Project is powered by Syswaves Integrated Services Limited. NBO project is created to provide one-shop direct access into the Nigerian Businesses ecosystem so as to enlarge the domestic and global market share of businesses in Nigeria.

Syswaves Integrated Services Limited initiated NBO project to also provide information and technology (IT) leverage for Nigerian businesses to access relevant business information in one-shop and harness opportunities of promoting and showcasing their business to the world.

 Why NBO Project?

Access to business is critical for harnessing business opportunities. The business ecosystem in Nigeria has so many large firms as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that find it difficult to increase their domestic and global market visibility and share. This perhaps has led to the high rate of failure of business.

One of the reasons why businesses in Nigeria appear to fail to increase their domestic and global market visibility and share is the failure to harness information and technology (IT) resources and platforms to increase visibility and access to their businesses. This sad reality necessitated the initiation of the Nigeria Business Online (NBO) Project. The NBO project is changing this narrative and helping businesses increase their market share by leveraging on the information and technology (IT) resources and platforms the project provides.


To become a leading provider of information technology (IT) leverage for businesses in Nigeria to harness the advantages of the Nigerian and global online business market-opportunities.


Promote sustainability, competitiveness and growth of Nigerian businesses through provision of information technology (IT) resources for harnessing both domestic and global market opportunities. 

 Mission Commitment

We are committed to stimulating sustainable growth of the demand for goods and services offered by businesses in Nigeria!

 Mission Statement

Promoting brands, ideas and opportunities!



·       Provide information technology (IT) platform and resources for increasing access to businesses in Nigeria.

·       Promote ease of using information technology (IT) platform and resources to run business in Nigeria.

·        Showcasing and promoting the Nigerian businesses and business ecosystem to the world.

·         Promote growth of SMEs in Nigeria

·          Provide information for business operators in Nigeria

·         Attract foreign stakeholders to the Nigerian business ecosystem

·         Business placement

·         Inspire emerging entrepreneurs


Project Services

·         Online directory for businesses in Nigeria

·         Business listing and placement on our website

·         Provision of information and technology (IT) resources

·         Businesses mentoring 

·         Business registration support system

·         Business start-up support services

·         Research and development


NBO Project Management Team

P. A William – Project Coordinator –

Chuma Maduagwu – Head, Operations

Nna Confidence C  – Head, Business Development and Strategy –

Gracie Onotse  Abimoh – Head Marketing and Public relations


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