MUL has been providing sustainability services to the African public and private sectors since 1996. We offer sustainability consulting, engineering, products and services to corporate and investor clients, governments, cities, communities and NGOs.  Our multidisciplinary expertise is bolstered by our policy of ongoing innovation and partnerships with leading global manufacturers, technology providers and experts.  We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and to adapt technology to meet local challenges.

We have offices in Ghana and Nigeria, from where we serve the rest of West Africa and beyond

Our Mission

To be at the forefront of safeguarding the environment and public health of Africa
To be recognized as a point of excellence on all matters relating to environment, renewable energy, water and sanitation services
To be recognized as leaders in sustainability in Africa  For our customers to be our greatest advocates

Our Values

Our values are a key component of our culture. They guide the way we work, drive our behaviour and help us to set and achieve our goals. We value:

>Nature & Environment

Who Uses Our Services

We work with organisations of all sizes, from small privately owned companies to multinational corporations, the public and voluntary sectors. We maintain a thorough understanding of the regulations, and how they apply to our business and clients. The key sectors we serve include:

>Governments, cities, municipalities, communities and NGOs
>Oil and Gas industry
>Power and Utilities
>Mining industry – solid mineral
>Retail and Consumer goods
>Manufacturing and process industries – pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging etc
>Food & beverage – brewery, soft drinks and packaged water
>Healthcare, Leisure & Hospitality industry
>Investment and Financial Services
>Iron and steel works
>Construction industry

Our Partners

Our multidisciplinary expertise is bolstered by a policy of ongoing innovation and partnerships with leading global manufacturers, technology providers and experts. We are in working partnerships with major technology owners, service providers and product manufacturers in various areas of sustainability – renewable energy, environment, health, safety, waste management, water and sanitation.

We welcome any product manufacturer, service or technology provider who seriously desires to penetrate the African market with its low carbon products, technology or services, especially in the following areas:

>Renewable energy solutions – solar, biomass/EfW, wind and small hydro
>Climate change mitigation and adaptation
>Smart Agriculture
>Land Remediation and Decontamination
>Tank Cleaning
>Sludge and Hazardous Waste Management
>Mining and Industrial Effluent Management

Meet the Team

Chimereze Chima,

Managing Director, MUL Nigeria

Dr. David Kafui

Managing Director, MUL Ghana