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RADNITZ INTEGRATED SERVICES is an indigenous company within the frame work of commercial and industrial activities, developing and carrying out basic and detailed services in Engineering, Procurement, Equipment/ Vehicle leasing, Security/ Barge escort  services, Labour Supply, Industrial Waste Management, Building and Civil engineering works.


Our Purpose at Radnitz Integrated Services Limited, is to provide a competitive world class, Dredging, Engineering, Waste Management and Civil Services. Radnitz Integrated services is daily expanding its frontiers in global partnerships and alliances that will guarantee excellent service delivery

Our operation is based on a diversified and flexible structure. We adopt the total quality management (TQM) approach from design through engineering, construction, procurement, hook-up and fabrication to the actual installation and commissioning stage.

 RADNITZ Integrated Services Limited operations are carried out with a philosophy, which strives to exceed clients expectation at every inter phase by continuing to improve business competitiveness, through the motivation of al personnel to fully contribute to this goal. Hence, our clients perceive us as having achieved excellence even before we commence a project.

Equally because of its community base and local content helps take care of youth restiveness. The company has both skilled and unskilled workforce that delivers within the specified period in any contractual agreement and also in accordance with industrial safety practice.

Thus, the importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) constitute the nucleus of our day-to-day operations. We see QC/QA has been more than  a programme as it acts as a process, a way of managing which directly involves employees at the first level in product problem analysis and solution.

To meet the growing demand in program, we respond with equal enthusiasm to both small and large projects. We keep ahead of competitors in the engineering and construction market, with matching growth in technological innovation through constant training of personnel.

Our quality, health, safety and environmental policies ensure the exercise of due skill, care and diligence such that life, environment and property are not put out as we ensure that they are carried along, making sure that our activities does not have negative impact on them. 

Services : 


Our dredging jobs have been carried out at different locations mainly in Bayelsa state for renowned engineering and construction companies, and the jobs have been handled with keen interest and determination.  

We do Step wise project planning and execution dredging 

  • Detailed Echo Sounding/ Hydrographic Survey 

  • Land Acquisition/ Site Preparation Activity.

  • Bond Wall Preparation.

  • Preliminary Site Survey to Ascertain Base Levels (Contractor and Client Surveyors).

  • Dredger Mobilisation to site/pipe coupling . 

  • Return water channel preparation (water boss) and final site status appraisal. 

  • Commencement of dredging and stuck pilling operation.

  • Regular joint survey activity on site.

  • Completion of desired stuck pilling.

  • Demobilization from site.

Marine Services :

We  provide  marine services and logistics to the offshore oil and maritime sectors on a world-wide basis with a specific focus niche markets. We  have access  to an offshore fleet of  ships vessels, Barges  Floating Storage Vessels, Shuttle Tankers as well as providing Offshore Vessels as part of a full field solutions in the maritime sector.


RADNITZ INTEGRATED SERVICES deals with constructions and rehabilitation of roads, rail tracks, bore holes, industrial buildings, residential buildings, rural and urban electrification .  We are committed to delivering quality engineering services that meet our Client’s specification.  
We handle procurement for projects or material supply contracts, sourcing materials from around the world on the needs of our clients, adhering to the provisions of the Nigerian Content Acts.  
We follow world-class quality standards in project construction through a comprehensive planning  strategy that addresses constructability modalities.


We provide Oil and Gas support services in both the downstream and upstream oil and gas sector. We also undertake procurement in the oil and gas sector We provide oil and Gas Support Services running through provision of Phlanges, Bolts and Nuts, Valves, etc.


We are involved in the procurement of equipment, material, tools and spare parts (local and overseas). We are also Agents for the supply of Diesoline (AGO) and other petroleum products. This we discharge through our technical partnersAs a leading logistics company we specialise in getting whatever  you need delivered or distributed to its destination, quickly,  reliably and at a competitive price.  Our logistics can store your stock in clean, secure facilities; pick and  pack goods for distribution; and deliver them to your customers  or partners, quickly and professionally.  The benefits of using our logistics services can include reduced  transport costs, much faster turnaround times on customer orders and easier, faster, more accurate inventory management.


We provide experienced and skilled manpower support services for our clients need. We provide contract personnel as well as a local labour contract pool we use our relationship with the local  

communities to provide direct labour to companies willing to hire unskilled and semiskilled personnel and also we ensure disciplined youths are engaged to avoid dispute that usually lead to loss of production.  

We have a data base of workforce, which includes: 

Welders, Fitters, Scaffolds, Plant and equipment operators, Rig deckhands 

Pipe riggers, Artisans, Unskilled labour 

We also provide professional personnel such as: 

Production engineers, Civil/structural engineers, Mechanical engineers, 

Computer/electrical engineers, Project planners/supervisor, 

Instrumentation experts, Administrative personnel.


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