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Welcome To Chastest Consult
We exist as a marketing-communications and innovation boardroom. We seek, design and build business opportunities that create value over a long period of time. Our general belief is that a company’s frontiers today are its business tomorrow.
We are fully aware that these frontiers (borderline) can be technological, cultural, behavioural or commercial, and it’s our determined ambition to uncover all of the frontiers in equal measure. The core task of our work is focused on making businesses fit for these frontiers, in the most effective and efficient way possible.

This means we sit in between the high-end consultancy space on the one hand, which is occupied by the big traditional consultancy names, and the media, marketing, creative, growth hacking and digital agencies on the other. We find ourselves working alongside or competing against both types of companies on the projects we have been working on.

We distinguish ourselves by adding a cultural edge and design kudos which is lacking in the former group and an insightful thinking, analytical and deeper understanding of brands which often lacks in the latter group. The result is quite a unique blend, and feedback from clients and prospects have proven us right.

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